The Benefits of Headset, Headphone & Microphone Foam Replacement Covers

Foam Ear Covers


Whether your ear pieces are part of a headset, headphones or earbuds, foam covers can make big improvements to the listener experience. Foam covers for over the ear devices or in-ear devices provide a nice soft, cushion that makes your device a pleasure to wear, especially for extended periods of use.

Safe, Hygienic & Sanitary

If you have had your headphones or headset for a long time, it is probably time to replace the ear cover. Whether or not the ear cover looks bad, it has absorbed quite a bit of sweat and dust over the years.

Call CenterIn shared environments such as call centers, offices or schools replacing the ear covers on headsets or headphones routinely prevents the spread of germs, bacteria and other biological hazards. Having ear cushions for per-use or per-individual makes shared device use much more pleasurable as it will lessen the smells and scents leftover from previous users, such as perfumes and hairsprays. Fortunately, bulk pricing of foam ear covers makes it economical for business, organizations and agencies to provide replacements as often as necessary.

Improved Sound

A foam ear cushion creates a pressurized space around your ear. By doing so, the sound coming from your device is improved immensely. The foam also provides noise reduction for your earphones. This is especially evident when foam covers are used on earbuds. The seal the foam creates inside your ear and achieves a level of passive noise isolation (or reduction).

Restored Appearance

Over time your existing earphone covers may have gotten worn out just from doing their job! The covers may appear dirty or even have little tears or holes in them. Add some new ear covers to your device and suddenly it looks much closer to the way it did when you took it out of the package for the first time!

Protect Your Investment

A foam ear cover can protect your headset or headphone earpiece from sweat, dirt, dust and other debris and extend the life of your headphones or headset!

Foam Microphone Windscreen Covers

Foam covers can be a useful addition to headset microphones or handheld microphones for a variety of uses.

Reduce Unwanted Noise and Capture Cleaner Sound

Sound WavesFoam microphone covers can help remove unwanted sounds that are typically picked up by uncovered microphones. The foam prevents the condenser from picking up the sound of air moving across the mic. This helps eliminate a breathing or breathy sound. The foam microphone cover improves the sound and reduces clicks, pops and hiss. Windscreens also improves the sound of the letters “P”, “B”, “S” and “T” when pronounced by the person talking. A microphone covered by a windscreen will produce much higher quality sound than a non-covered microphone. In fact, foam covers are frequently used on vocal and instrument microphones being played in live settings or when being recorded in a studio.


A foam microphone cover can protect the important interior microphone components from moisture, especially breath and saliva. The foam also protects dust and other debris from entering the area where the condenser is housed.

More Sanitary

Microphones are frequently shared, and replacing the windscreen covers often can prevent the spread of common illness such as colds and the flu. Experts recommend that you replace your foam microphone cover at least every 1 to 3 months, but you may replace the cover more frequently if the microphone is under heavy use.

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