Headset / Headphone Ear Pads (Ear Cushions)

All Ear Pads are sold and priced individually, not in pairs.

How to Find a Replacement Ear Cushion for Your Headset or Headphones

The first step to finding the properly sized cushion/pad for your headset or headphones is to remove the old cushion and measure the uncovered ear piece. If the earpiece is round, measure the diameter. If the earpiece is oval, teardrop or other oblong (off round) shape, measure the longest dimension of your earpiece. Our round, foam ear pads (cushions) will conform to the off-round shape of an oblong shaped earpiece once you install them.

After you measure to find the right size for your replacement ear cushion, browse the list below to find the closest sizes available. It is best to choose an ear pad that is a few millimeters larger than your measurement for a good fit and easy installation.

Contact us if you need help finding the right ear pads (cushions) for your headset or headphones.

About Our Ear Pads (Ear Cushions)

Headset Parts Unlimited carries a wide variety of headphone ear pads and headset ear cushions. We have a wide variety of sizes available. Our ear cushions will fit headphones from manufacturers such as Bose and Sony and headsets from almost any manufacturer. Be sure to measure and make sure you order a product that will fit. Foam and leather (leatherette) ear pads are available.

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90mm Leatherette Ear Cushion


90mm Leatherette Ear Cushion

Product Code: LC-90

Replacement ear cushion for headset/headphone. 90mm Black Leatherette Cushion with 60mm opening.   (90mm = approx. … More info

99mm Oval Leatherette Ear Cushion


99mm Oval Leatherette Ear Cushion

Product Code: LC-9980

Replacement Ear Cushion for Headphone. 99mm x 80mm Oval Leatherette Cushion.  (Approx 3.8 inches x 3 1/4 inches) … More info

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